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An interview with the great David Regal can be read HERE. There are also video references embedded in the article.

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Just arrived here, trying to figure out how it is ... more
JAQK Dec 9 '14
Preface: On August 28th, 2013... more
John Aug 31 '13
When I first started to perform mentalism the move... more
Michael Jun 4 '13


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    Feeling much better not worrying too much at present, still have a regimate to stay on ,but what a relief. HAd great care and lots of help from my church and this site, Thank you, you knw who you are.
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    Vanish Magazines latest issue is out....
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    Going into hospital to have some cancer surgery done, I need some help if possible paying for my subcription to the Linking Ring . Things are really tight right now and I wouldn't ask if I didn't need the help.
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    Mar 31
    I'll take care of it
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    Well my time is coming this Friday for surgery and hope they get all of it, then afterwards treatment starts. Not worried , i'm sure they will get all of it God's helping. I can't imagine what the cost will be ,insurance should cover most of it , if not all. its the meds I've been taking that's costing. Anyway I know everything will go well.
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    An Evening at the Tom-Foolery for only 10.00 to help out Tom's Estate (aka. Steven)
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