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When I first started to perform mentalism the moves terrified me. I could not do a billet switch to save my life. It was not as crisp as the moves and slights I used in normal magic.what changed it all for me was I started thinking of the billet as something other then it was. Yep I started seeing them as coins. I could switch a coin with easy and fluidity. So the billet became a coin and it became easy for me to change it. This turned mentalism into magic tricks for me. I could do it now!


Then the other guilt slipped in slowly over time. I became so proficient at making the moves that I stopped thinking about them and started thinking about my presentations. This took my effects out of the range of mere magic tricks and slowly changed them, morphed them into magic. Not a trick but magic in the eyes of those that watched me perform. They started seeing what I do as real.....


think about this for a moment. One moment your performing magic tricks then something changes and in the eyes of your viewers you no longer tricking them. Your showing them actual magic. Uhhhh what? You believe this is real? No no im still tricking you!


No matter what I did they would not believe that I was performing something other then the real thing. This terrified me to no end. I have seen the other magi giving disclaimers. Telling us all that it is wrong to fool your audience into believing what you do is real. I did not want to be the devil! But they still took what I did at face value and attributed something arcane and powerful to it.



So why? Why do they want to believe what I do is real? What is it about what I do that makes it so powerful to them that they will have faith in it no matter what I tell them?......


its simple really when you take time to think about it. They want something to believe in. they have an innate need to think of something that is bigger then themselves. They need something to explain the unexplainable. They want to believe in magic.....

they want to believe in ME!?!?!??!


there it is...the guilt. The reason I have been feeling guilty about it

all. I saw it as they believe I was something special. That I had this magical power to help them. When in reality it was not me it is the magic. What I am performing is special for them. It gives them emotional experiences that they want in their lives. The world has turned to a disposable place. Nothing is of value really any more. They want to go back to a time when magic existed. They want to believe that they can be part of something that is exciting and beautiful. Its not me its the experience that is magical for them. So rather then try to convince them that I am faking it I decided to ride the flow of magic with them. We join in the moment and fly to that magical place where everything is all right. Everything will work out. The magic will not hurt them, it will not tell them anything that may harm them. They are trusting in the magic in ways that go beyond logic and mundane. How do I beat the guilt? Simple, I take the trust they put in me and give it in return. We join in the moment and share the magic for what it is. Beautiful, emotional, simple, exciting, magical......


I have earned their trust and as its sacred keeper I never violate it.


just some thoughs.






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By Michael
Added Jun 4 '13


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